Testcenter for Quantitative Research

Testcenter for Quantitative Research

tudelft.360test.nl provides facilities for research activities for both PhD-students and students who are working on their Master's Thesis. For these projects, it is possible to develop a questionnaire in the Test Center. By setting up a research project, the researcher can use the following question methods:

•             Evaluative (open questions and scales)

•             Multiple choice

•             Single choice (yes/no)

•             Ipsative (distribution of points)

•             Scales

 The analytical part provides different types of analysis such as bar charts and radar charts. For further analysises it is possible to export data to Excel. With this Test Center, the researcher can reach their respondents by an automatically generated invitation mail and, if necassary... automatically generated recognitions mails.

Examples of deliverables of the Test Center for Quantitative Research: