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Test Center for Projectteams

Real cooperation is not easy. is an evalution tool for assessing and improving projectteams by doing grouptests like the Belbin, Leary's Rose or the formative and summative assessment:

  • The Belbin team role model is designed to use the talents and personalities of all members. A team must consist of different roles to achieve maximum performance. The nine roles are essentially complementary. The Belbin team test tests the distribution of these roles in a team.
  • Leary’s Rose has both a descriptive and a predictive function for a team. The Rose is deļ¬ned by two axes: the above-below axis (vertical), which tells us whether the teammemer is being dominant or submissive towards the others; and the together-opposed axis (horizontal), which says something about the teammembers' willingness to co-operate with the other teammembers.
  • The formative and summative assessment is meant to reciprocal assess teammembers. The questions include statements like "Which mark would you give ....  for his/her efforts put in the assignments?" and "Which mark would you give this person for the extend in which he or she kept to the agreements made?"

The analytical part provides different types of analysis such as bar charts and radar charts. For further analysises it is possible to export data to Excel. The keywords for this Test Center are: 360-degrees feedback, Fast, Simple, Pre-test and post-test.


Examples of deliverables of the Test Center in Project Teams: